About Flixpress

Our Company

As a company, Flixpress is pioneering the way toward a new era of media creation. Our goal is to create intelligent media that conforms itself to a customer's needs with little to no intervention from the customer. Every journey has a starting point and Flixpress.com is the starting point for us.

We currently offer three related services:

  1. Video Customization using automated templates
  2. Media Personalization for businesses and organizations
  3. Full Video Production at very competitive prices

What is Flixpress.com?

At Flixpress.com, we have created a service that allows everyone to create broadcast quality video online in minutes. Our online application is perfect for creating bumper videos: things like segment introductions or end caps that bookend your main content and give you the kind of professional look and feel that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is what most of our customers need and use regularly. But we don't stop there.

We also make it incredibly easy and affordable to create fully-realized, professional video to introduce a product or service to the mass market.

And there are endless possibilities available through our custom services.

Why Flixpress?

Professional quality video is expensive

Despite rapid growth in the last decade, digital video production is still one of the most expensive mediums to create professional quality content for. Production of broadcast quality media is costly because it relies on skilled labor and expertise. Most of us—with little or no media experience—are unable to afford that kind of talent… or even know where to find it.

So if you care about your content and you want to give it the professional treatment it deserves, get ready to re-mortgage your house and spend all your free time learning how to use the professional stuff. Or you could go a different route…

Enter Flixpress

After years of research and development, fine tuning, and creative boosting, we created the most effective and easy way of bridging the gap between the little guy with great content and the big guys with the professional means to create video on a level worthy of that content.

Flixpress presents the most advanced, efficient, and flexible digital video customization technology available to date. For fractions of a penny on the dollar.

How it works

Flixpress is a groundbreaking service that empowers the average computer user to produce high-end video content in minutes using only a web-browser. It gives you the freedom to make your finished video as simple, or as complex as you desire.

Our unique, layout-based approach enables everyone to produce high end video and 3D animation with plenty of simple customization opportunities. Most often, all you need to do is upload a picture and type out your custom text. In minutes you can create incredible, broadcast quality, professional 3D animation and video that was previously available only to professionals with deep pockets. And don't worry, we use standard video file formats so your downloaded file is sure to play nicely with all the your familiar video editing software or the big social websites.

Simple text customization is just one example of what Flixpress can do for its customers.

What it means to you

Increased Savings

For individual users, Flixpress is a unique tool for rapid and inexpensive media production. Producers will no longer have to rely on expensive hardware, software and content. Flixpress provides a unified environment and significantly simplifies very complex video production process.

Increased Quality

Flixpress technology presents the real potential for companies—who have extended reach and existing customer base—to generate millions of dollars in additional revenue simply by creating much higher quality content. The low costs also allow companies to create more content with a tighter focus.

More Creative Potential

Flixpress technology is leading consumers into new and exciting ways of generating media, which previously did not exist. Here at Flixpress, we are continually pushing the envelope and blurring the lines between high-end media automation, and creative potential of the millions of the users worldwide.

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